When my friend Sabrina Ziff invited me to join her Israel Property Network, I was flattered and excited by the opportunities that it offers for the growth and development of Creative Estates Israel.

I was flattered because Sabrina and her colleagues recognize the expertise that Creative Estates Israel has developed in the complex field of property management in Israel, which includes not only the management of long-term rental (investment) properties, but also home maintenance and management services for overseas owners who own a property in Israel and choose not to rent it out.

I am excited because teaming up with the Israel Property Network expands our horizons even further throughout Israel. IPN has 14 regional hubs around the country, including 4 walk-in realtor offices, and employs 20 real estate professionals who really know their stuff. Creative Estates can now benefit from their local expertise, and consult with them on behalf of our clients who are considering investing in Israeli real estate.

Sabrina Ziff has nearly three decades of real estate experience in the UK, Europe and Israel. She has built her network of licensed realtors and support staff to provide professional help to English-speaking clients with real estate purchase and sales, short term and long term rentals, new-build real estate projects, and land purchase for residential and commercial purposes. Their understanding of the Israeli real estate market is second to none, and they share our commitment to high quality personal service. The Israel Property Network is respected throughout the Jewish world, with particularly strong connections in the United States, the UK and South Africa.

That is why being chosen by IPN as their partner of choice for property management is a huge compliment. Sabrina and I expect that many more people will be looking to move to Israel in the coming months and years, and this collaboration allows each of us to focus on our core business, knowing that we can rely on each other’s expertise to give the best possible service to both domestic and overseas property owners and new Olim.

Living in the shadow of the coronavirus is difficult for everyone, with the uncertainty and economic challenges that we are all experiencing. Forging a new partnership at this time is a way of focusing our commitment to help people in the best way that we can. At Creative Estates Israel, that means protecting our clients’ assets while they cannot visit Israel, and ensuring that those who rent out their properties continue to receive the best possible return on their Israel investment property.

Stay safe everyone!

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